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CACalifornia RBS - Seller Server Classes

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Seller Server Course - California RBS

Made for Fresno

Fresno approved certificate is provided upon successful completion of our online alcohol seller server course. Get Started Today

Certification for Anyone, Anytime.

This training course is approved by California RBS Certification Online and may be purchased for $9.

The online alcohol seller-server safety RBS certificate program provided by sellerserverclasses.com/california/ meets the certification requirements of barstaff, drinks servers, alcohol sellers, vendors and security staff working for employers in cities and counties within Fresno.

This self-paced course provides RBS certification & safety training that is required to serve alcoholic beverages in Fresno, California. Modules include an introduction to RBS seller server training, laws covering sale of alcohol to minors, alcohol sales to intoxicated persons and information about Private club rules and other permits.

Please note:
Beginning July 1, 2022, any alcohol server and their manager must have a valid RBS certification from an ABC accredited RBS training provider and pass an online ABC administered RBS exam within 60 calendar days from the first date of employment.

Fresno Seller Server Classes

Seller Server Classes provide bar staff alcohol safety certification online training

Welcome to the California RBS - Seller Server Classes service for people employed within California. This California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control approved RBS seller server certification course is for any person who needs to obtain an California RBS Training certification in order to work in a location that requires responsible alcohol training, responsible beverage seller/server program, or any individual who desires training. This course fulfills the requirements of the  California Alcoholic Beverage Commission and liquor control and has been designed for those who want the best training in the least amount of time.

The California RBS course modules impart an understanding of laws and regulations for the sale of alcohol to minors/intoxicated people. The Course covers social impact of alcohol, Civil/General Liabilities, Responsibilities and Obligations due to serving intoxicated people. 

This course is self-paced. At any given point, users may stop or start the training material. When ready, come back to this site and log in with your username and password. The knowledge checks presented after each module need to be completed once they have been started. After training completion, you will have 30 days to take the Final Exam on the RBS Portal. Failure to complete or pass the final exam within 30 days from course completion will require you to repurchase.

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Fresno Nightlife

Fresno, California has a bustling nightlife scene, with plenty of bars, clubs, and drinking establishments that attract people from all walks of life. While having a good time is on everyone's mind, it's important that public safety is taken into account, especially when it comes to serving alcoholic drinks.

That's where responsible vendor training comes in. Seller Server Classes, sellerserverclasses.com is one of the leading providers of this training in Fresno, and it's essential that servers of alcoholic beverages receive this certificate before serving customers.

The course covers a variety of topics, including the effects of alcohol on the body, how to identify and deal with intoxicated patrons, and the laws and regulations surrounding the sale of alcoholic beverages. Servers who complete this training are more equipped to handle tricky situations and can help prevent over-serving and other problematic behavior.

In addition to helping ensure public safety, responsible vendor training also protects servers from legal liabilities and can boost their career prospects in the hospitality industry. Many establishments require their staff to complete this training as a prerequisite for employment.

For entertainment-seekers in Fresno, Seller Server Classes  is a great resource for servers and bartenders looking to obtain their responsible vendor training certificate. By taking this course, they can not only enjoy a safer and more enjoyable nightlife experience but also meet legal requirements and improve their job prospects.