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WIWisconsin Responsible Beverage Seller Training

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  • Text to Speech Extensions for Browsers

     Here is a solution for for those who prefer to have the content of our programs read aloud to them.  Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox all have extensions that you can attach to your browsers that will read the content of the web site, programs and exams.

    The one we have tested that works well and appears to be free is: Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader.

     You can download it at the browser's extension stores or go to the their web site at ReadAloud.app.

    It is an open source solution and is available in 9 languages, at least per their official description by the browsers.  Their own detail says it supports upto 40 languages.

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    How do I purchase a course?

    Select a site and create Account

    To make an individual course purchase:

    • First create your account by clicking Create Account from the top menu.
    • Select Courses from the menu
    • Click Take this course next to the course you are interested to purchasing.  This will take you to the Purchase page to allow you to purchase your course.

    Purchase Credits

    • Billing Address: Before you can complete your purchase, you will need to enter your billing address.
    • Payment information: Next, you will be required to enter your credit card information.
    • Promotion:  You may enter a promotion code if available.
    • After you have entered all of the required information, click Review Information to continue.
    • Once your billing information has been Reviewed, agree to the terms and click Purchase Course
    • Your purchase is now complete and you are ready to begin your course.
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    How do I begin my course?

    To begin your course, simply follow these steps below.

    How to begin your course

    • To begin taking your course, click on the green Study button under Module 1 on the Courses page.
    • Before you continue, you will be required to complete your profile and click Review changes.
    • If you are satisfied with your profile information, click Update profile and follow the instructions to begin your course.
    • Next, click on the first section titled Module 1 - Objectives & Topics to begin studying.

    Knowledge Check
    At the end of each module you will be required to take a knowledge assessment consisting of 5 questions. You must answer 4 of the questions correctly before moving to the next module.

    If you fail the knowledge check 3 times in the same module, you will be required to repurchase the Seller Server course.

    Final Exam (where required) 

    Some states require a final exam.  You will have 2 opportunities to pass your final exam.  If you fail your final exam on the second attempt, you will be required to repurchase the course.  You must score a minimum of 70% to pass the final exam.

    To begin your exam:

    • Click the continue button. You may also click the go back button if you are not ready to begin your exam.
    • Once you begin your exam, you must complete it in one sitting. If you exit the exam before finishing, your exam will be graded marking any unanswered questions wrong.

    Once you have successfully completed your exam, you will be able to view and print your certificate.

    View Certificate for Printing
    To print your certificate, click the Print certificate button and your Seller Server certificate will open in a new window. You can now print your certificate by clicking the Print page button or you can click Download to save your certificate to print later.

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    How do I make a bulk purchase?
    • To make a bulk purchase you will need to click on the “Bulk Purchases” option at the top of the page.
    • Once on the Bulk Purchase page, you will then need to select the “Quantity” of codes needed along with setting a “Passkey” for the purchase.
    • In the “Billing” portion of the page you will be able to edit/change the name and billing address.
    • Under the “Payment Information” you will need to select and enter payment information.
    • Once all the required information is entered you will then need to click on the blue “Review information” button.
    • If everything was entered correctly you will then be taken to the next page, where you will need to agree to the policies and then click on the green “Purchase Course” button.
    • A message will be displayed indicating whether payment was approved or denied.

    If paying with by PO & check, please send a check to the following address:

    EduClasses dba Seller Server Classes
    1908 W Taylor St,
    Sherman, TX 75092.

    Be sure to write the bulk order number from your receipt and/or your purchase order number in the memo field.

    When your check has cleared, we will manually approve the transaction and your codes can be used to redeem the course.

    If you are a government organization or independent School District then please reach out via a support ticket as we may process the order more rapidly.

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    How do I issue Access Codes to my employees?

    View Bulk Purchase Order

    To issue Access Codes to your employees after purchasing a bulk order:

    • First, simply sign into your account
    • Select Bulk Purchases from the menu
    • Then click View Orders next to How it works.  Your bulk order will also appear under Purchases.
    • Next, click on your bulk order. This will open and display your bulk order details, payment information, Management Sharing and Access Codes.

    Important hint:  Management Sharing allows you to share your bulk order with other managers to allow for them to issue Access Codes to their employees.

    Issue Access Codes and Pass Key

    Under Access Codes you will find your Access Codes purchased from your bulk order including the code expiration, code status, who the code was redeemed by and an option to email codes to your employees.

    To issue a code to your employee:

    • Click on the envelope next to the code you wish to use. A window will open to allow you to email the Access Code and Pass Key to the employee.

    Employees Redeeming Access Codes
    In order for your employees to redeem their course purchased from your bulk order, they will need to:

    • Create an account on the same website you purchased your bulk order through.
    • After their account has been created, they will need to click the Courses option from the menu. This will take them to the courses page.
    • Next, they will need to click on Redeem a code from the menu panel on the right and enter the Pass Key for the purchase along with one of the Access Codes from your bulk order and click Redeem.
    • After your employee redeems their course, they can begin taking their course immediately.
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    How do I manage my bulk order?

    Managing Your Bulk Order
    To manage your bulk order account:

    • Sign into your account
    • Select Bulk Purchases from the menu
    • Click View Orders next to How it works. You can also access your bulk order by clicking Me in the menu and then selecting My purchases.
    • Your bulk order will appear under Purchases.
    • Click on your bulk order. This will open and display your bulk order details, payment information, Management Sharing and Access Codes.

    Order Details
    Order Details displays your Bulk order purchase number, date of purchase, purchase location, quantity of codes purchased and the passkey associated with the bulk order.

    Payment information
    Payment information displays the purchase cost, method of payment, status of purchase and the purchaser's name and address.

    Management sharing
    Management sharing allows the purchaser of a bulk order to share the bulk order with other managers to help meet training needs.  It's easy to share a bulk order. 

    • After making a bulk purchase, view the bulk order details
    • Scroll down to Management sharing
    • Enter the email address of the person to share the order with. 
    • Click the Share button
    • If you want to unShare the order, simply click the X next to the person's email.

    Access Codes
    The Access codes area displays your bulk order access code information. The code information will include the Code number, date the code Expires, the Status of the code (Available, Redeemed, Expired), and the name and email address of the employee the code was issued to.

    Within the Access Codes list area you can also email codes to your employees by:

    • Clicking the mail icon on the far right.
    • Enter the employee's email and click the Send button.
    • After an employee redeems their code, their name will appear under Redeemed By.
    • Once your employee has successfully completed their course, the mail icon will change to a print icon that will allow you to view / print your employee's certificate of completion.
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    Can a friend use their credit/bank card to purchase the course for me?

    Yes, but they will need to enter their credit / bank card billing address in place of your address for the purchase.

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    bank cardcredit cardcreditcardpurchaseaddressbilling addresscoursefriendfamilymember
    Do you offer a cosmetology continuing education course?

    Yes, you can find more information at cosmetologyeduclasses.com.

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    Do you offer a food handlers course?

    Yes, you can find more information at foodhandlerclasses.com.

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    Do you offer a food managers course?

    Yes, you can find more information at foodmanagerclasses.com.

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    How can I get my certificate?

    To receive your Seller Server certificate, you must first create a profile and then purchase the Seller Server courses. Once your purchase is complete, you can study the course material and take your final exam. After you complete your final exam, you will be able to print your Seller Server certificate. Please note that each section of each of the modules are timed, and require you to pass a knowledge check exam at the end of the module before you can move to the next module. All modules must be successfully completed before you can begin your final exam.

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    How long does it take to complete the course?

    The Study Material will take approximately 2 to 6 hours depending on your location. The exam is timed for 90 minutes and will need to be completed in one sitting.

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    How long is my Seller Server certificate good for?

    Your Seller Server certificate is good for two to four years depending on your location. The expiration date of your certificate can be found on your Seller Server certificate.

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    How much does it cost to get a duplicate of my Seller Server certificate?

    It does not cost anything. You may sign in to your account and reprint your Seller Server certificate any time you want from any computer with internet access until the expiration date of the certificate.

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    I do not have a credit/bank card. Can I pay with a check?

    Sorry, we only accept checks for group orders, but you can purchase a money card from most major grocery stores such as Walmart, Target, Albertsons, or Kroger.

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    I'm on the homepage and it's asking for my "Username" and "Password" but I don't have a username and password! How do I get to the course?

    To receive a username and password, you must first create a profile by registering on the website. After this, you will be given the opportunity to select and purchase a course.

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    When do I purchase a course?

    After you create an account, you will be asked if you would like to purchase one of our courses. You are not forced to choose at that moment. You can come back later to make your purchase when ready.

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    Can I view my test to see what questions I got right or wrong?

    We are sorry, but per restricted regulation imposed on us per state requirements we are not allowed to release test answer information.

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    Do I need to finish the course the same day I start it or can I do it in sessions?

    This is a self-paced course that saves your progress, so you can work on it when the time is convenient for you. However, the Knowledge Checks presented at the end of each module, along with the final exam after completing the study material, must be completed in one sitting.

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    finishcompleteone sittingcoursesessionsame dayclassat once
    How do bulk purchases work?

    Our group purchase order system allows you to make a single transaction for group codes. There is a minimum of 2 courses required to make a group purchase. You will have to set up a passkey for your purchase; we will issue you access codes once the purchase is processed. Your employees will then go to the website and sign up for an account. Once their account is created they will then be able to redeem the course using the access code and passkey. To make a group purchase you will need select "Bulk Purchases" from the menu at the top of the page. Please note that the passkey remains the same for everyone and each employee must have own account when taking the course as the certificate will print under the name that's on the account. For more information on group purchase you can visit our info site at https://sellerserverclasses.com.

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    How do I change the language from English to Spanish?

    To change the language from English to Spanish you will click on the American flag icon in the top right hand corner of your page. This will bring up a drop down menu where you will then select the Mexican flag option for Spanish. This will translate the entire course and website into Spanish.

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    How do I find my access code and passkey?

    Access codes and passkey are for group purchases only and are used to redeem a course purchased on your behalf by your employer and are given to you by your employer. If you are part of a group purchase you will need to obtain this from your employer; otherwise you will need to select "Courses" from the menu at the top of the page and then click on the green "Take This Course" button to make an individual purchase.

    To view your access codes and passkey you will need to view the details of your bulk purchase. To view your bulk purchase, you will need to click on the "Me" icon located at the top of the page and then click on the "My Purchases" link located underneath your name. When you click on the purchase you want to view, it will display the purchase details including access codes and passkey. Please note that in this page you will also be able to do other functions such as "Management Sharing" which will allow you to share the details of the purchase with another user and view, download and print employee certificates.

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    accesscodeaccess codepass keypasskeyredeembulkcodekeyview
    How do I print or download my certificate? Will it be mailed to me?

    To print or download your certificate, you will need to select courses from the menu and then click on the green "Print Certificate" button. You will then need to click on the green "Print Page" button to print it or the "Download" button to save a copy to your computer or email it to your employer.

    We are sorry but we do not mail or email certificates. For your convenience, your account can be accessed from any computer with internet access and a printer such as the public library or your place of employment. Your certificate will be stored on your account for the certificate's term of validity. You can access your account at any time within the term of validity to print or download your certificate.

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    How many questions are on the exam, how long does it take to complete, and what is the passing score?
    • There are 25 multiple choice questions on the exam.
    • The exam is timed for 90 minutes, but usually takes less than that to complete.
    • The minimum passing score is 70%.
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    I forgot my username and/or password. Is my email address my username?

    Visit the forgot password page and enter your email address. You will receive an email containing your username and a link to reset your password if needed.

    You create your username during the signup process. Your email address is only used for communication purposes.

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    forgotpasswordusernameuser nameloginlog insigninsign inemailp/wp / w
    I need the login information for my employee.

    Keeping student/client account information safe is our top priority and therefore there are safety measures we take before your information is released over the phone. When someone calls requesting account information, they must have the students name, email address, and the phone number or physical address to verify account.

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    I purchased the course, and my card was declined, yet it shows that a transaction was made on my bank statement.

    Sometimes declined purchase attempts may show as a pending transaction on your credit card statement awaiting approval. As the purchase attempts have already been declined, they will not receive an approval and your bank will release the funds back to you in a couple of days. If you require the funds sooner, you will need to contact your bank and request they release the funds back to you.

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    purchasecredit cardcardtransactionbankdebitstatementdecline
    I was kicked out of the course and now its asking me to repurchase.

    There are a few reasons why you could have been kicked out of the course.

    Failing a PVQ:
    Per State requirement a student can only fail due to personal verification questions (PVQ's) a maximum of 3 times within each module. You failed due to either incorrectly answering or not submitting your answer within the 60 seconds allowed 3 times.

    Failing the knowledge check:
    Due to State regulations a student can only fail the knowledge checks a maximum of 3 times per module. You will have to repurchase the course in order to continue.

    Failing the exam:
    Per state requirement a student can fail the final exam a maximum of 2 times. Since this was your second time you failed you will have to purchase the course again in order to continue.

    This issue may require assistance from our support staff. Please sign into your account or call us at (903) 893-3717.

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    pvqpersonal verification questionknowledgemodulecheckexamtestpurchasepaybuyclasscoursekickedaccessfailagain
    Its asking me to provide answers to personal verification questions.

    Personal verification questions (PVQ's) are a state requirement and are used to verify your identity throughout the exam. Once you enter the answer you will need to click on the blue add question button. Once all questions have been selected, the exam will begin.

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    Misspelled name on certificate.
    • As a safety measure to prevent fraud once the certificate gets issued, the student no longer has the ability to change the name on the certificate.
    • If there is a mistake on the name on your certificate you will need to submit a support ticket with your request and the following information.
    • Please provide us with the email address, phone number, and home address associated with the account.
    • Once we have received and verified this information, the incorrectly issued certificate on this account will be voided- making it no longer valid.
    • A new, corrected certificate will then be issued to this account.

    This issue may require assistance from our support staff. Please sign into your account or call us at (903) 893-3717.

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    When will I receive my refund?

    If you already made contact with one of our support staff and they issued you a refund, you will receive your refund in approximately 4-5 business days.

    This issue may require assistance from our support staff. Please sign into your account or call us at (903) 893-3717.

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